MEM40119 – Certificate IV in Engineering

(Fluid Power)

Certificate IV in Engineering is the next step in the career of a Mechanical or Electrical trades person.

It covers specialised skills in specific technical areas, such as maintaining fluid power systems, condition monitoring along with reporting and analysis.


Hands up if Covid threw a spanner in your career progression? 

With many people looking for jobs right now, you might be worried about how stable yours is?.

Are you indispensable at your company or are you easily replaced? 

Or maybe you know another team member that is looking to get their skills to the next level? 

You don’t deserve to worry about the stability of your job. 

You don’t deserve to worry about how to keep food on the table for your family. 

What you do deserve is to know that because your skills hold you in high esteem with your colleagues and employer, you NEVER HAVE TO WORRY AGAIN!


So what kind of skills would an employer be looking for?

  • A person that works efficiently. 
  • A person that can schedule maintenance effectively so that as little time and money  as possible is lost. 
  • A person that can put their foot down and say “THERE WILL BE NO MORE LEAKS ON MY WATCH”. 

THAT PERSON IS YOU with your Cert 4 in Engineering! 

If you aren’t sure that you are ready to take the next step in your career, have a look at what some of our past students have had to say. 

“All questions were answered. Time was taken to explain things as best as possible. Great guys delivering course"


Maitland, NSW

“Trainer has very good knowledge of hydraulic systems and explains very clearly"                   



Toowoomba, QLD

“The trainer was very experienced. learnt a lot of new things about hydraulics"                    



Mudgee NSW

Online Support

Trainers online to answer all questions you might have about the course content and assessment

Nationally Recognised

Work anywhere! Have your qualifications recognised anywhere in Australia.
*once all course prerequisites have been met

Self Paced Learning

Too busy to commit to a full-time study schedule?
The course is completely self-paced, so you can wait until you feel confident in the theory perfect scheduling your practical assessment.


The Certificate IV in Engineering is the next step in your career as a mechanical and electrical tradesperson. 


Here at APT we are committed to your growth as a tradesperson and have learned that the best way for people to achieve their Cert IV is by going through a blended program. 


What is a blended program: 

  1. Online, self paced learning
  2. Face to face practical components with a mentor helping you every step of the way. 



We found that the online segment allows students to work through the content in a way that best suits them. This allows you flexibility while you are still working on-site, wrangling kids on the weekends, or even need some extra time for a weekend away with your partner. 


To make sure that you don’t feel you are going it alone we have ongoing online support where you are able to access a trainer online to answer any questions you might have.


To take it to another level, when you are onsite (at our office in Toronto NSW) you are assigned to a trainer/ mentor for all of your practical components. 


They are there to help explain assessments and answer any questions you have face to face, so that you have as much chance as possible to succeed in the program. 


All trainers have a strong background in hydraulics and fluid power and will be able to help pass their expert knowledge on to you.


There are 3 entry pathways into the MEM40119 – Certificate IV in Engineering:

 1. Direct Entry – this is for students who have attained MEM30219 Certificate 3 Engineering Mechanical or MEM30319 Certificate 3 Engineering Fabrication. Generally this will be trades who completed their apprenticeship in the last 10 years.


Must have the following units included on their transcript, these units are pre-requisite for the units selected in our MEM40119 – Certificate IV in Engineering Course:

MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing

MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements

MEM18001 Use hand tools

MEM18002 Use power tools/hand held operations

MEM18003 Use tools for precision work

MEM18006 Repair and fit engineering components

MEM18055 Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components

Price – $300 enrolment, $7000 ($7300 total)


2. Mechanical Trades with Previous Qualifications – will need to go through an RPL process to complete the Cert 3 Level units

Price – $1500 RPL, $7000 ($8500 total)


3. Other Trades – this is for other trades. This involves RPL for the Certificate 3 level units prior to commencement in the Certificate 4 Engineering

Price – $2500 RPL, $7000 ($9500 total)


Before you begin you will have the support of our trainers so that you are fully aware of the process prior to commencing.



The following units will be covered in the theoretical and practical components of this course:

*Core, Pre-requisite and other units are required to meet the requirements of the Qualification.

Units included in delivery:

  • MEM18010 – Perform equipment condition monitoring and recording
  • MEM18011 – Shut down and isolate machines/equipment
  • MEM18018 – Maintain pneumatic system components
  • MEM18019 – Maintain pneumatic systems
  • MEM18020 – Maintain hydraulic system components
  • MEM18021 – Maintain hydraulic systems
  • MEM18022 – Maintain fluid power controls
  • MEM27006 – Diagnose and rectify batteries, low voltage sensors and circuits
  • MEM27017 – Maintain, fault find and rectify hydraulic systems for mobile plant
  • MEM27024 – Diagnose and rectify mobile plant hydrostatic systems



UOC's required:

  • MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing
  • MEM11011 Undertake manual handling
  • MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements
  • MEM12024 Perform computations
  • MEM13015 Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering
  • MEM14006 Plan work activities
  • MEM16006 Organise and communicate information
  • MEM16008 Interact with computing technology
  • MEM17003 Assist in the provision of on-the-job training
  • MEM18001 Use hand tools
  • MEM18002 Use power tools/hand held operations
  • MEM18003 Use tools for precision work
  • MEM18006 Repair and fit engineering components
  • MEM18055 Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components
  • MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


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